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How to Accessorize a V-Neckline

A V necklace top or a dress can be sexy as well as elegant. The aim of adding the right accessories in terms of jewelry  is to just accentuate and enhance this. 

First Rule of Thumb would be to avoid a round necklaces. But this again depends on the necklace it self.

If you love statement necklaces try a tiered statement necklace with a structure that follows the shape of the V neckline.Most Bib necklaces follow a V necklace.

Image via BHG.com
If you prefer simpler style - a princess necklace ( a 17-19 inch necklace) with a pendant that fall just below or above the V of the neckline.

Draw focus to the point of the V from above or below. When you draw focus above the V it accentuates the face and below the V will elongate the body.

Image via whowhatwear.com

A simple and long pendant necklace will also accentuate your neckline and highlight the plunge, without taking away from the dress or the top.

Bow Necklace Jewelry - Meaning

In the past people tied a bow or a knot to their fingers in order to remember something.So when you give someone bow jewelry your are telling them that you do not want to be forgotten, it symbolizes your desire to be remembered by the wearer. Everytime she looks at the bow necklace or ring she remembers who gave it to her. Perhaps you are giving bow jewelry to someone with the hope that they will always remember how much you love them and you are thinking of them.

A note to add with the piece of jewelry could just say:

"A knot to remember I love you and am always thinking of you. "