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A bit of Skulls, A lot of Style

A bit of Skulls, A lot of Style

Feeling Skuly!

Feeling Skuly!

How to Accessorize a V-Neckline

A V necklace top or a dress can be sexy as well as elegant. The aim of adding the right accessories in terms of jewelry  is to just accentuate and enhance this. 

First Rule of Thumb would be to avoid a round necklaces. But this again depends on the necklace it self.

If you love statement necklaces try a tiered statement necklace with a structure that follows the shape of the V neckline.Most Bib necklaces follow a V necklace.

Image via BHG.com
If you prefer simpler style - a princess necklace ( a 17-19 inch necklace) with a pendant that fall just below or above the V of the neckline.

Draw focus to the point of the V from above or below. When you draw focus above the V it accentuates the face and below the V will elongate the body.

Image via whowhatwear.com

A simple and long pendant necklace will also accentuate your neckline and highlight the plunge, without taking away from the dress or the top.

Bow Necklace Jewelry - Meaning

In the past people tied a bow or a knot to their fingers in order to remember something.So when you give someone bow jewelry your are telling them that you do not want to be forgotten, it symbolizes your desire to be remembered by the wearer. Everytime she looks at the bow necklace or ring she remembers who gave it to her. Perhaps you are giving bow jewelry to someone with the hope that they will always remember how much you love them and you are thinking of them.

A note to add with the piece of jewelry could just say:

"A knot to remember I love you and am always thinking of you. "

Jewely Trends 2016 - Single Earrings

Single earring: Wearing just one earring that is a statement piece in itself. This is one of best hottest trends on 2015 and 2016. Moving away from the tradition of wearing a pair , wear ONE earring that is large, catchy and elegant. What do you think of this trend? Do you like it?

feminine florals

feminine florals

Elegant Blue and Gold Summer

Here is some Summer styling. Love the blue shade on the Rebecca Tayor Crepe top! The combination of blue and white gives a summer freshness to this look and the brown leather bags adds a touch of  I urban chic. The finishing touches to this whole look are some minimalist jewelry pieces in gold that give it elegance. Where would you wear this?

Blue Summer

Blue Summer by twixtdesigns featuring minimalist jewelry

How to Layer Delicate Bracelets

Love this look I found via pinterest - delicate layered bracelets. How can you achieve this look?
1) Add a statement piece - the star and moon bracelet
2) Add a super minimalist item - the dainty pearl bracelet
3) add a interest piece - something out of the ordinary -the serpent bracelet

Cool Summer Trends...the anklet

While  lot of jewelry can be worn through the year,some in particular are perfect for summer...like the anklet!

Miley Cyrus - Street Style and Jewelry Layering

Love this spring/summer look from Miley Cyrus...from the floral printed kimono to the lovely layered necklaces. A lovely fresh and comfy look!

Street Style - Simple elegant circle necklaces -layered

Street Style - Simple elegant circle necklaces -layered. Love this look!

Jewelry organization - antlers

If this is not super cool I am not sure what is. Possibly my favorite find of the week. Organize your jewelry with deer antlers! 
Which color would you pick for you home?

Anchors away!

Anchors away!

I am a big fan of anything ocean inspired and nautical. I love this new 'anchor' trend .
This outfit is perfect for your weekend wear. Wear it to just have lunch with the girls or out shopping. 

New in store: wishbone necklace

Sometime back I visited the blog  Carrie Bradshaw Lied and fell in love with a wishbone necklace she wore.

And guess what I just added it to my store in silver and gold. These wishbone pendants measure 18cm and are not dainty, they are great for layering or wearing on their own. The pendants come in matt gold and silver and have a lovely brushed effect. I can customize the necklaces into any size. These necklaces make great gifts especially for birthdays, if you need a note added , please contact me.

 silver wishbone necklace
silver wishbone necklace

gold wishbone necklace

Trending - Minimalist Jewelry

 I love minimalist jewelry. I feel that when accessorizing sleek simple outlines look so much  elegant than bold designs, floral motif or bling. My tastes are not wholly minimalist though but I generally do have a 'less is more' attitude. I love it that wearing simple delicate jewelry is really trendy now and I feel this is a  truly classic trend that looks like it is here to stay.Thin gold necklaces with a single crystal or stone, a simple bar necklaces that are worn on their own or can be layered add a lovely touch of sparkle to outfits.

image via stylecaster.com
blue and gold bracelet
minimalist heart necklace

Sapphire blue and silver - simply elegant

Gold anchor necklace sideways anchor jewelry by twixtdesigns

Style File: Mint and gold

Mint and gold - Day wear

Vero Moda polyester shirt, $18 / Tommy hilfiger jeans, $60 / Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa pink shoes, $81 / Rebecca Minkoff leather purse / Earrings / Pendants necklace

Love this mint and gold collection. Elegant and classic with a modern fresh feel . This outfit can be very versatile and perfect comfy weekend wear!